Apologies for delay in November Contest Results

I would like to apologize to my loyal FarmvilleArt.com visitors for the delay we’ve had in naming a winner of the November contest.  There were family issues that prevented me from doing any work online.  The winner will most assuredly be announced shortly.  IN THE MEAN TIME, KEEP THOSE HOLIDAY CONTEST ENTRIES COMING! I’ll start posting them very soon.  Thank you.


So we only received a handful of entries, but that’s really all I expected to receive.  Winners will be announced next week.  The entries we did receive were very creative and I’m sure this won’t be an easy one for the judges.  For those interested in getting a head start on December’s contest, we will be going very cliche and doing a holiday contest, so get cracking!

B/W Contest Submission – Zac

Zac brings us another last minute entry, a b/w mario and friends.  Good luck in the contest Zac.


B/W Contest Submission – Artur

A last minute entry by Artur, a galleon complete with rabbit sails.  Nice job, and good luck in the contest!


B/W Contest Submission – Norman

Here is our next submission.  It comes from Norman, and it is Mickey from Kingdom Hearts.  Good luck in the contest Norman!


B/W Contest Submission – Tamara

Our next submission comes from Tamara.  Thank you Tamara and good luck in the contest!


B/W Contest Submission – Andras

Our latest entry into the b/w contest comes from András.  Thank you, and good luck!


Our First B/W Contest Submission – Ranota

Here’s a great submission from Ranota to November’s B/W Farmville Art Contest. If things don’t pick up she’ll have a real easy time winning this one. Thanks and good luck Ranota!


That’s right, and I know it might be a pain in the ass to go about selling and buying up black and white decorations or whatnot, and I know it’s going to be a real challenge, but I think you guys are up for it.  If not I probably won’t get many entries and it will be that much easier to win.  You can use any object in Farmville Art from the ugly duckling to the beautiful white swan, anything that is black, white, or grey is acceptable. 

[clarification - You can use any item in farmville that is predominantly white, black, or grey. This includes chickens, swans, and ugly ducks even though they have parts that aren't black, white, or grey (beaks and whatnot). Must be mostly black, white, or grey]

Contest will be heavily judged on originality and resourcefulness given the unique restrictions placed on it.

For those of you who have submitted entries before the theme was announced, I can hold them aside for a later contest.

Good luck to all!  You have a full month for this one, contest deadline is November 30th.

PS The two money winners of the previous contest are not eligible for this contest as you can only win one contest in a 60 day period.


FarmvilleArt.com linked to in a NYTimes online article!

The New York Times, how cool is that?  Click here to see the article (opens in a new tab or window).  They don’t mention our site by name, but we do get a link, so that’s fine withe me.  Beggars can’t be choosers after all.

Okay, back to business.  November’s contest will be a theme based contest and will be announced sometime tomorrow.  Themes can either be restricted to a certain subject, or that submissions be restricted to certain types of farmville materials (Anyone who has made a submission recently without knowledge of the theme will have to wait until the next ‘open’ event (unless the submission happens to fit November’s theme)).  November’s contest will carry the same prize money, $10 for first, $5 for second place.

I would like to once again thank all of the participants in our last contest, and to let you know that the winners and honorable mentions will be placed in the winner’s gallery by the time November’s contest begins.

Thanks for supporting Farmville Art and happy harvesting!



First I’d like to thank everyone who entered this contest.  All in all we got around 40 entries and currently get about 500 unique visitors per day, which is pretty good since I didn’t do a great job of advertising the site, lol.  While the competition for 2nd place was pretty stiff, the grand prize winner won by a large number of votes.  2nd place won by only two votes in a very closely contested race.  The honorable mentions were all very close as a matter of fact, and many others could have easily gotten an honorable mention.  Everyone did a great job, and I will be announcing our next contest sometime this week.  Thanks for entering and congratulations to the winners!  (After a 24 hour period in which anyone can challenge the validity or ownership of any of the winning entries, prize money will be sent via paypal to the winners.)

After an impartial panel of approximately 25 of our facebook friends (completely unrelated to any Farmville Art group or this website) voted their votes were tallied and the results are as follows:

Grand Prize ($10) – Mona Lisa by Kevin Johnson


Kevin Johnson's Mona Lisa was the runaway winner. Simply stunning.

2nd Place ($10) – Mario and Friends by Steven Hartwig

The details in this artwork are what earned it second place in our contest.

The details in this artwork are what earned it second place in our contest.

Honorable Mention – Zelda by Brandon Wildman


Brandon's Zelda only missed 2nd place money by 2 votes as voters struggled with Zelda vs Mario.

Honorable Mention – Hugo by Serdar Usenmez


Great cartoon character by Sedar. He was very close to 2nd place prize as well.

Honorable Mention – Nice Farm Layout by Cheloe


Cheloe did a great job laying out her farm in 3-d fashion, getting enough votes for honorable mention.

Contest Judiciary Committee set to choose winner….

The winner will be determined today and the results posted tomorrow on the blog and the winners notified via email.  ONCE THE WINNER IS ANNOUNCED THERE WILL BE A 24 HOUR PERIOD IN WHICH ANY COPYRIGHT CLAIMS CAN BE MADE AGAINST THE WINNING ENTRY, in an effort to keep the contest fair and avoid cheating.  Viewers are encouraged to challenge any entry they think does not belong to the person by whom it was submitted.  In the event of a challenge the challenger will be asked to provide the facebook name or email address of the true creator so that we may contact them.  The prize money will be sent via paypal on Monday.

Thank you.



I’d like to thank everyone who contributed, commented, or even just visited the site to view some of these great, unique creations.  Please allow us approximately one week to have our crack staff (which consists of a small group of my facebook friends lol) to look over the entries and come up with the top 5.  First place will receive $10, 2nd place $5, and 3rd through 5th will receive an honorable mention and be included in our ‘winners’ page.  I briefly considered having the public vote but I was afraid there would be no way to control voter fraud, so I decided we’d do the judging in house.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE AND THANKS AGAIN!  (Note, if anyone suspects any fraudulent entries or recognizes work that might not have been created by the person listed please comment the post and let me know.  Your identity will remain hidden. LOL)

Contest Submission – Matt Edwards

Another last day submission, this time from Matt.  Thanks and good luck!


Contest Submission – Paco

On the last day of our contest Paco brings us Bowser from the Mario series.  Good luck Paco!


Contest Submission – Alex

Alex brings us our next entry, Towelie from South Park.  Good luck Alex!


Contest Submission – Caridad Garcia

Caridad gives us our next entry.  Good luck in the contest!


Contest Submission – Simone

Simone brings us our next entry, a 3-d effect soccer stadium.  Thanks and good luck.


Contest Submission – Armando

Thank you Armando for entering the contest, and of course, good luck!


Contest Submission – JJ

JJ brings us our next entry to the contest.  Thanks and good luck!