First I’d like to thank everyone who entered this contest.  All in all we got around 40 entries and currently get about 500 unique visitors per day, which is pretty good since I didn’t do a great job of advertising the site, lol.  While the competition for 2nd place was pretty stiff, the grand prize winner won by a large number of votes.  2nd place won by only two votes in a very closely contested race.  The honorable mentions were all very close as a matter of fact, and many others could have easily gotten an honorable mention.  Everyone did a great job, and I will be announcing our next contest sometime this week.  Thanks for entering and congratulations to the winners!  (After a 24 hour period in which anyone can challenge the validity or ownership of any of the winning entries, prize money will be sent via paypal to the winners.)

After an impartial panel of approximately 25 of our facebook friends (completely unrelated to any Farmville Art group or this website) voted their votes were tallied and the results are as follows:

Grand Prize ($10) – Mona Lisa by Kevin Johnson


Kevin Johnson's Mona Lisa was the runaway winner. Simply stunning.

2nd Place ($10) – Mario and Friends by Steven Hartwig

The details in this artwork are what earned it second place in our contest.

The details in this artwork are what earned it second place in our contest.

Honorable Mention – Zelda by Brandon Wildman


Brandon's Zelda only missed 2nd place money by 2 votes as voters struggled with Zelda vs Mario.

Honorable Mention – Hugo by Serdar Usenmez


Great cartoon character by Sedar. He was very close to 2nd place prize as well.

Honorable Mention – Nice Farm Layout by Cheloe


Cheloe did a great job laying out her farm in 3-d fashion, getting enough votes for honorable mention.